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Why Celect Siding?
Celect Siding offers the aesthetic of real wood siding with none of the maintenance demands or expenses. Celect Siding is available in a range of trendy and classic colours. There are no unsightly seams with Celect Siding and it's sturdy material allows for wider profiles. 
Low Maintenance
With Celect, you can forget about mold, fading, deterioration, scrubbing and messy maintenance crews. You can also forget about painting, repainting, caulking, re-caulking and delaminating like fiber cement is famous for. Celect is all about virtually maintenance-free great looks that never quit. Year after year, decade after decade.
High Sustainability
Celect is warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and greener all year long. In addition to being completely re-usable and 100% recyclable, it provides an R-value that’s twice the thermal value of any other comparable material in the market. In other words, it’s as much of a renewable investment as it is a renewable material. 
   Patented Interlocking Joints
Aesthetically pleasing with virtually no visible joints allows for virtually no moisture penetration. 
Keeps boards straight and true through the home’s natural expansion and contraction 
Eliminates caulked seams and energy loss 
No gaps, buckling or wavy lines       

       Gravity Lock Design
This ensures our premium siding exhibits no warping, buckling or shifting. The siding just sits there looking always magnificent and forever young.
Unique gravity lock design keeps courses locked tight 
Maintains structural integrity 
Wind resistance to over 130 mph

Celect Siding offers 15 popular siding colours that come with a 25 year anti-fade paint warranty. 
Estate Renovation Centre has our own in-house colour experts, interior decorators, and designers to assist you with the complete colour scheme process of your home, inside and out. 

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